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Alternatively their Perspective in direction of nationalist groups is helpful. They promote nationalist occasions throughout the webpage beneath the pretext in their “anti-profession battle” and contrast towards a federal Resolution in Cyprus.

Here we provide the context and background of who we're And just how we work, and particular responses:

“There are occasions exactly where written content is surfaced on our platform that violates our criteria,” mentioned Rob Leathern, item management director at Facebook. “In such a case, we’ve removed the affiliated targeting fields in issue.

Decided that you'd like it? Ship the vendor a immediate concept from Marketplace to tell them you’re interested and make a proposal. From that time on, you and the seller can work out the details in almost any way you decide on. Facebook won't aid the payment or delivery of items in Marketplace.

The chemical marketplace has lengthy been against the trade union demand from customers for your Carcinogens and Mutagens Directive to generally be extended to reprotoxicants. The alter while in the businesses’ placement is little doubt related with The truth that an increasing number of Member States have resolved recently to incorporate reprotoxicants in their countrywide legislation within the prevention of carcinogenic and mutagenic threats at function.

It turned out that our Evaluation was appropriate, because by the exact same time upcoming calendar year, the fascists had doubled the quantities of their customers and of Those people prepared to come out in community to march under their despicable banners AND for the first time there are now customers of the general public applauding them!

The legal Federal government of Cyprus (which now controls only 50 % the country), has been For the reason that mid nineteen sixties constantly underneath the control of an alliance in between the local ruling class and the global Imperialist powers. Its political occasion is really a stalinist Group that marketplaces itself and its reactionary procedures as being a faux "left" agenda.

΄΄Διαφωνώ με αυτά που λες, αλλά θα υπερασπιστώ μέχρι θανάτου το δικαίωμά σου να το λες΄΄Βολτέρος

Αυταρχικές, εθνικιστικές, φασιστικές, ομοφυλοφοβικές και φαλλοκρατικές συμπεριφορές είναι απαράδεκτες ανάμεσα μας και έτσι οι συναντήσεις μας δεν είναι ανοικτές σε κανέναν και καμία που τις επιδυκνύει και ουδέποτε θα είναι. Σε ένα τόπο που όλοι γνωρίζουμε όλους και τόσο εμείς όσο και όλοι οι οποίοι εκφράζουν μια διαφορετικότητα απειλούμαστε με συλλήψεις, ξυλοκοπήματα, εγκλεισμούς σε ψυχιατρία και εξορισμό - σιωπηλο και ανελέητο - από το ρου της κατεστημένης ζωής πρωταρχική υποχρέωση μας δεν είναι η "ανοικτή" συνέλευση στην οποία μπορεί να έρθει ο οποιοσδήποτε να περιφέρει το κράτος του φαλλού του αλλά η προστασία των ανθρώπων που συμμετέχουν στις διαδικασίες μας και της διαφορετικότητας των.

μάλλον υπάρχει η τάση ταπελοποιησης και ο καθένας να έχει το δικό του τσιφλικάκι

A further among the accusations check here is we supposedly printed "info on the personal life of a female comrade, deeply violating her privateness." The person in dilemma is a public determine that's politically Lively in the context of funding from your US State Section and US Assist. The information we revealed is already general public expertise which she herself has built general public by way of her behaviour, along with the news continues to be buzzing for quite a few yrs now as "juicy gossip" in just about every cafe and political gathering.

Very last 7 days, acting on a idea, we logged into Facebook’s automated advertisement system to view if “Jew hater” was actually an advert group. We observed it, but found out which the classification — with only 2,274 people in it — was also little for Facebook to permit us to acquire an advert pegged only to Jew haters.

I have tried before to cotinue but my write-up is absent. In any case, it is extraordinary that the person from "proheiro" is clear that he took portion in some of your working groups, not essentially indymedia itself but nonetheless had such treatment method by you. It is only typical of you to deal with by doing this folks that have any link to you personally but last but not least come across by themselves in disagreement along with you. Strangely ample to the previous six-seven many years you have not been able to determine obvious-Minimize open proceedures.

Μα αυτός ο αντιδημοκράτης, ο "εθνικιστής", σε προσκάλεσε να πείς τη γνώμη σου;

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